Effective Security

Integration is the most effective way to bring security technology together to provide a cost effective solution and a proactive fight against crime with the added bonus of controlling your processes from a central local workstation or workstations to remote locations around you network.

System Integration 1

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems can include many systems so of these are CCTV, access control, associated alarms, intercom and public address, perimeter intruder detection, fire alarms and building management systems and these systems can interact with each other using one platform so that when an alarm activates or when a access control door is forced or held open or the intercom calls it switches a CCTV camera to monitor the event. The integrated system platform can release doors, gates and barriers to allow access to your business premises or it can connect into your building management to control the heating and lighting around your business.

System Integration

Integrated Features

There are many more features and uses to an integrated platform and with consultation, planning and design of your system the uses and cost savings could go a long way to help maximise your business security and processes.

Building Integration